KIDS in Bangkok

There are over 8 million people living in Bangkok with about 1.5 million children between 0-14 years old. What does this mean? There are a lot of kids and they need something to do! Bangkok is a really fun place for kids with SOOOOOOO many indoor and outdoor play areas, parks, exhibitions, learning centres, etc. We … More KIDS in Bangkok

7 Weeks.

I feel the same…but different. Week 1 – This is intense.  I know nothing. Week 2 – Oh no.  We start language class next week.  I’m terrified. Week 3 – Language class begins and we move into our new home.  All I can think about is the tap tap tap of the teachers pointer-stick, a, … More 7 Weeks.

Two Places at Once

Who knew it was possible to be in two places at once! Becca Covey and Alexis Seward (photo below) volunteered to be ‘us’ at Colwood Church in Victoria last Sunday.  Colwood hosted a Global Work Emphasis day and we were honoured to be participating through the hard work of Becca and Alexis.  These two girls … More Two Places at Once

learning to swim

I naturally learn best when I can see something. Driving for example, give me verbal instructions? I’m totally lost. Show me a map? I’m great. God knows I need clarity right now so I believe He’s speaking to me in the best way possible. Dreams, photos, visions. ‘OK God. But how do I swim?’ I … More learning to swim

NO. I’m NOT going.

When I (Megan) was 15, saying ‘yes’ to God seemed easy. Beautiful, never-ending sunshine, shimmering green grass, modern and uniquely designed wooden huts with all the perfectly crafted essentials. Laughs and smiles, and fulfilling and enjoyable work. Never longing for the ‘things’ left behind or the people that my soul ached to sit beside. This … More NO. I’m NOT going.