Fifteen years ago, unknown to each other, we stood in a stadium singing the same songs, dancing with the same people, and heard a similar definitive call on our lives.

With emotive music playing in the background, a small voice broke thru the noise of 2500 singing teenagers and asked, “would you go to the ends of the earth for me?”  Without knowing what it might fully entail, our hearts whispered, “yes”.  We didn’t know each other then, and wouldn’t for another six years.  As friendship turned to love, love to marriage, and marriage to children, reflections on this whisper of, “yes” grew more regular – fifteen years later.

PricesWylies-13For the last eight years we’ve being doing family together in beautiful British Columbia.   Zach has been serving as the OMEGA Global Director at Summit Pacific College, training and educating the next generation of leaders for Canada and the world.   Megan, not to be outdone, has been developing her business as a Doula (birth coach), and is running towards winning a fourth consecutive mother-of-the-year award as mom to Azaiah (8 months) and Eleanor (3 Years).

In April of this year, after many conversations, leg wrestling matches, and some serious conversations with God, we decided to say, “yes” again to the small, but powerful voice.  This time, it was clear what the “yes” was to, who it was with, where it was for, and when it would be

We believe in seeing the capacity of the human body, mind, and soul fully realized.

If you know us well, you would agree, these things have marked our lives to this point. Zach’s passion for leadership development has focused on the next generation holistically engaging their world as they realize and walk in the potential they were created for.  Comparatively, Megan’s work as a doula has focused on engaging women in connecting their mental and physical strength as they accomplish one of the most life-giving undertakings of human existence.  If there were to ever be an international component to our lives, surely these beliefs would be connected to the work.

As you may be imagining, this has actually happened!  Imagine Thailand, an organization partnered with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, is currently serving the South East Asia Region and has been for the past twelve years.  They, like us, share these beliefs.  After the completion of Zach’s time at Summit Pacific College, we will begin the next chapter of our lives in Thailand, with Imagine Thailand.

Zach will be serving alongside the current Imagine Thailand team under the Executive Leadership of Peter Dove.  Zach will begin a two year transition into working as the Country Lead for Imagine Thailand.  Megan will be serving, within Imagine Thailand, as the Health and Wellness Coordinator, with a focus on maternal health.  If you’re interested in the specifics, we’d love to fill  you in!

Azaiah and Eleanor will work hard at being contributing members to our family, while,growing in their love of language, food, and fun as residents in Thailand.


Just when you thought, “that sounds really awesome… Like a good infomercial, this post just got better.

Here it comes…

If you’ve looked at our Instagram, or Facebook you’ve probably seen a picture of more than just the Wylie’s.

The reason for it is simple… why do something as a family, when you can do it as TWO families?  Everyone thinks that, right?


Matthew and Amber PricePricesWylies-90 have been friends of ours since 2004, when Amber, Matthew and Zach all started college together.  After interning together for a few years, graduating, and getting married, we all went separate ways before being reunited last year.

In a “this just got more crazy” turn of events, God has allowed our families to join forces in moving overseas together.  All four of us will be serving in the same field, for the same organization, with the same mission, but with different jobs.

Our goal is to launch around the same time, and do our first two years of study, work, and family together in… you guessed it… the same city, Bangkok.

We’d love to share more with you as the next year unfolds.  Stay tuned for some great posts.

Our emotions are raw, our faith is high, and the task list in front of us is huge.  We know we can’t do this alone, so as all good adventures start, we’re asking you to join us as we march towards what’s next.

Thanks for beginning this journey with us.  As a wise man once said, “we’re better together.”

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