A Picture Means a Thousand Words


Starting new.

Who are we when everything is stripped away: our history, our traditions, our extended family.  No one knows our name, no one knows what we believe, no one knows what we’ve done.

What shows through?  What first impression do we give?  What’s the first thing we tell people about ourselves?  And HOW do we tell people about ourselves?  Language? Non-verbal cues?

We recently updated all our passports and applied for our Thai Visas.  The above photos represent our family.  These are the photos that Thai officials will see and analyze.

It’s time for our family to stop talking, to stop TELLING people about who we are, to stop relying on our traditions, the ‘we’ve always done it that way’ and to start SHOWING people who we are and the GOD we rely on.  It’s time for us to work on our first – unspoken – impressions.  

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