Two Places at Once

Who knew it was possible to be in two places at once!

Becca Covey and Alexis Seward (photo below) volunteered to be ‘us’ at Colwood Church in Victoria last Sunday.  Colwood hosted a Global Work Emphasis day and we were honoured to be participating through the hard work of Becca and Alexis.  These two girls were our hands and feet and we LOVE that they were so excited to help us in this way!

Becca and Alexis in Victoria

I (Megan) grew up going to Colwood Church and it is such a huge honour to be on their team of global workers.  We love being involved at Colwood and always feel like we’re ‘at home’ while we’re there.  Thank you to everyone who reaches out and helps us (and I’m sure many others) feel like this.

While Becca and Alexis were in Victoria, the rest of the Wylie family, were in Surrey/Langley. Living Waters Church was also hosting a Global Work Emphasis day and had invited Zach to speak at all 4 of their services!  Zach spoke on being ‘sent’ and his (and our family’s) journey towards saying ‘YES’.  It was inspiration (in my non-biased opinion) and if you missed it, you can listen HERE.

Zach speaking in Langley

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