7 Weeks.

I feel the same…but different.

Week 1 – This is intense.  I know nothing.

Week 2 – Oh no.  We start language class next week.  I’m terrified.

Week 3 – Language class begins and we move into our new home.  All I can think about is the tap tap tap of the teachers pointer-stick, a, e, ea, o, oo, u, ng…and the assembling of ikea furniture.

Week 4 – Feeling thankful for parents who take care of our kids so that we can learn.

Week 5 – Ok this is for real.

Week 6 – New church. New language.  New environment.  Ummmm…

Week 7 – Month 2 of language class.  Oh wait…I can actually understand a bit. Hm. Maybe this isn’t so bad:)

It’s hard to believe that we have been in Bangkok for 7 weeks and are in month 2 of language classes!  Thankfully, it hasn’t been as difficult as we imagined.  This isn’t saying that we haven’t had our frustrating moments or days.  But overall, it’s been an incredible experience of learning and growing together as we have fun stumbling our way through the new and difficult sounds of the Thai language!

As we’re learning and asking our teacher how to say certain words and phrases, she OFTEN responds by simply saying,  ‘calm down, speaking level 3’.  What she means by this, is that if we try and learn this concept now, we will be confused, and so we need to wait to learn this in the future.

This is an interesting way of approaching things and so applicable to our daily lives here in Bangkok!  Slow down, wait, calm down, you’ll learn that soon.

We can’t expect to learn or do everything all at once.  We’d be overwhelmed.  Take it slow. Step by step.  Things will be less confusing.

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