KIDS in Bangkok


There are over 8 million people living in Bangkok with about 1.5 million children between 0-14 years old.

What does this mean?

There are a lot of kids and they need something to do! Bangkok is a really fun place for kids with SOOOOOOO many indoor and outdoor play areas, parks, exhibitions, learning centres, etc.

We obviously haven’t had a chance to explore them all…this would take years!!

Here are few of the adventures the kids have loved…

  1. Lumphini Park

This was the first place we went as a family (well besides Ikea to buy furniture). Lumphini is a beautiful park in the middle of the city. There are thousands of people that run, walk and bike here every day. The route around the outside of the park is 2.5km and along the way, there are a number of fun playgrounds to explore. You can ride a swan pedal boat around the small lake within the park. We haven’t done this yet, but this is definitely on Ella’s adventure-list.

 I think our families favourite thing about Lumpini are all the things you can see! The park has hundreds of ‘monitor lizards’ that roam around which are SOOOO exciting for the kids. Ella calls them dragons for some reason (well ok…it’s because the first time we saw them, I forgot their name and called them dragons). Azaiah enjoys any and all moving creatures and so pretty constantly screams for joy at the critters (lizards, fish, birds, cats and dogs) that roam around the park.


  1. Bang Krachao – the ‘green-lung’ of Bangkok

 So far, this has been my favourite adventure to date. As someone who LOVES nature, fresh air, and space to roam, I was in absolute heaven! Bang Krachao is called the ‘green-lung’ of Bangkok and is relatively un-visited by the 17+ million tourists per year! I have no idea why.

If you look at a map of Bangkok, you will notice a LARGE green area surrounded by the Chao Phraya river…you’ve found it! This area is partially protected land meaning that you won’t find ANY sky-rise buildings or commercial development.

To get here, you take a small long-tail boat that costs 40 Baht (about $2). For the kids, this was a fun adventure in itself (ok for me too). Once we got to the other side, we chose to walk, run, scoot, stroller and ergo-ride to the nearby national park (Sri Nakhon Khuan Kan Park). It’s always an adventure getting 4 kids under 5 years old around…but they did amazing. Dax even had energy to challenge me to a running race at the end of our adventure.

There are so many things to see in Bang Krachao, and so the best way to get around is by bike or moto. You can rent a bike for 100 Baht/day (about $4). We haven’t done this yet but it’s definitely on the top of the list. There’s a floating market, raised cycling pathways and more. There’s even an eco-style hotel called ‘The Bangkok Treehouse’ where you can sleep IN a tree or ON the river. Yikes!


  1. Funarium

The kid’s funarium adventure was accompanied by the dads and the resident grandpa. How awesome is that!?!?

It’s a large indoor playground that allows kids to run, slide, dive, jump and whatever else they can think of. Ella’s favourite were the slides…they have 4 parallel slides that are all different speeds for the range of risk-takers. Azaiah’s favourite was definitely the ball pit!  For those that weren’t around Azaiah when he was learning his first words…his top two?  Ball and Ella.  He would walk around ALL day long repeating this two words.  Ball, baaaaaaall, ball, Ella, Eeeeeellllllla!


  1. Pororo Aqua Park

This was a fun adventure for the kids which included lots of laughs, grumpy faces, screams of terror, and concluded with a poop explosion in the change room! It was actually quite fun but it was a day of pushing the kids out of their comfort zone, and so new and exciting emotions ensued. The play area for the kids was a lot of fun and it was a treat to be able to take both kids down the adult slides. Don’t worry, we didn’t just push them down and hope for the best. Both Ella and Azaiah loved sliding with us and learning the sneaky ways to gain speed (hint: think wedgie). The tube ride TERRIFIED Ella and her screams could be heard for miles as the two of us made our way forwards and backwards down the ride. The park could use more non-tube slides but all-in-all it was a fun day. AND thankfully, I wasn’t the one who dealt with Azaiah’s poop disaster.


  1. Moto Rides

Need to get somewhere quickly? Don’t want to bother with traffic? Take a moto!

This is such a great way to get around Bangkok. Moto drivers are easy to spot and wave down as they ALL wear orange vests. The rides are quick, as they don’t concern themselves with traffic lines or rules in general. They weave through the masses of other vehicles or merely drive on the sidewalk or the opposite side of the road. This all makes it a fun way to get around. Unfortunately, drivers rarely give you a helmet to wear so it’s definitely not an extremely safe way to get around. We will be buying small moto-helmets for the kids to help make these adventures a little safer and help calm the grandparents hearts.

Both Ella and Azaiah LOVE motos.  Azaiah yells ‘MOTO’ whenever he spots one (and there are thousands).


  1. Unicorn Café

Bangkok is known for it’s themed café’s and restaurants! There are so many to visit. First on Ella’s list was the unicorn café. It seemed a little run-down and the food wasn’t amazing…but they have unicorn costumes, tons of unicorns and ponies and all the accessories for kids to play with. They even have large unicorn stuffies for all those that may want to snuggle with a unicorn every now and then. Ella could have stayed here ALL day.


There are so many fun places to explore. I can’t write about all of them…but here’s a list of my top 10 ‘still to experience’ adventures!

  • Dog Café
  • Safari World
  • Dusit Zoo
  • Bounce Bangkok
  • Children’s Discovery Museum
  • Snow Town
  • Dinosaur Planet
  • Siam Park City
  • Samut prakkarn Crocodile Farm
  • Dream World Bangkok
  • and more!

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