PricesWylies-12At the age of fifteen, standing at a Youth Convention in Kamloops, BC, God asked us if we’d be willing to go to the ends of the earth for him.  Not knowing one another at the time, nor knowing we were in the same building, nor knowing we were having the same conversation with God, we both whispered, “yes”.  Fifteen years later, after a degree at UBC (Megan, 2008) and Summit Pacific College (Zach, 2007)), we would be brought together by friends, begin dating, marry (2009), finish post graduate studies (2012) and have two children (2012, 2014).  Over these last fifteen years God has been sowing seeds of opportunity, vision, and providing incredible experiences to help bring us to a place where we as individuals and a couple/family know where God is calling us next.  Today, “next” means Thailand – a nation just over 1% Christian, a nation trying to find Jesus

imagine : zachary

12 years of working in leadership development and education will allow ZACH to be part of education, equipping and empowering young Thai leaders, as well as aiding in the leadership of Imagine Thailand.

To read about how God called Zach to Thailand CLICK HERE

imagine : megan

7 years of experience in the health care industry, and a growing doula business in Canada will allow MEGAN to work alongside community health care workers to bring holistic care to women and children.

To read about how God called Megan to Thailand CLICK HERE and HERE

imagine : eleanor and azaiah

3 years (ELEANOR) and 8 months (AZAIAH) experience in life will allow these two to live, laugh and love in Thailand.


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