IT Logo Cropped

We will be serving with Imagine Thailand and joining their team of national staff and expatriate staff.

Imagine Thailand works in the crossroads between leading universities, progressive businesses and women and children at risk in poor and marginalized communities.

They are not about handouts. They’re about making strategic investments that empower people with the tools needed to bring about beneficial transformation in local communities, the marketplace and the world.

They believe in the capacity of youth, university students and skilled professionals to create a new future for communities in need.

Their work shapes global citizens who partner to bring real benefit and change to local communities, the marketplace and the world. Together we bring assistance to children at risk, victims of terror, survivors of natural disasters and refugees fleeing oppressive governments.

Imagine Thailand is a registered Thai foundation (registered as Emergency Relief & Development Overseas (Thailand) Foundation, reg. no. กท 1917) with Thai and Canadian leadership. Motivated by their Christian faith, they assist people regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or gender.

CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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