We love teams.  We love people.  We love staying connected.

If you’re interested in knowing more about us, the work we’re doing, or you want to get involved there are a many ways you can do this!

Talk with us:

Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PAOC profile, follow our blog (link to the right), sign up for our newsletter (fill out the form below)

There are many of ways to catch our ear.

Talk about us:

To God, to friends, to family.  Share our story, share your story, share our posts, photos, profiles.  We cannot accomplish this on our own.

Financially partner with us:

Why partner with us? Because you believe in us, because you believe in building capacity around the world.

We are responsible for fundraising 100% of our budget.  It is ONLY because of the generosity of others that we can live and work in Thailand.

We need of individuals, businesses, and churches to commit to monthly financial partnership.  This will allow us to meet our annual budget in order to work effectively and efficiently in Thailand.  Without monthly donations, we cannot book our tickets.  We love and appreciate any one-time donations as well!  Everything counts.

CLICK HERE, scroll to the bottom of the page, click the ‘DONATE’ button and follow the instructions from there.  

The Prices are also fundraising!  They are incredible people who will be doing some amazing things in Thailand.  Please consider donating to them as well.  We are a team, and are working together as chosen family.  CLICK HERE browse through their PAOC profile to donate.

Donations of $10 or more from Canada and the U.S. are tax receiptable.  PAOC’s sister organization in the U.S. is called RPEC International (Reaching, Planting, Equipping and Caring).  Any American friends interested in financially partnering with us can CLICK HERE, click the ‘DONATE’ button, find our names (Wylie, Zachary and Megan) or (Price, Matthew and Amber) and follow the instructions from there.




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